Dino Days Fabric Wall Decal


Reusable, removable, and repositionable  decals!

Created from an original watercolor illustration and made from a woven fabric with a self-adhesive backing. These dinosaurs have been painted using layers of translucent and fluid watercolours to build up rich colours and textures. 

Decals are reusable, removable, and repositionable! They are thin and sit flat on the wall like a mural. They have a matt finish and a beautiful delicate woven texture.

T-Rex - 246 x 246mm
Diplodocus - 338 x 239mm
Triceratops - 173 x 204mm
Velociraptor - 189 x 153mm
Stegosaurus - 266 x 190mm

Not recommended to be applied to wash’n’wear painted surfaces and allow normal paint to dry 3 weeks before application. Decals can be applied to walls, ceilings, glass, furniture and any non-porous surface. 

• Decals printed on repositionable fabric (NOT vinyl)
• Application is as simple as “peel and stick”.
• Don’t like where you placed it? Don’t worry you can move it again and again and again!

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