2021 Holiday Collection

Christmas has snuck up on us and is suddenly here. I love the festive season for the sense of happiness and community it brings. It's feeling like everyone is in lighter spirits and as we come to the end of the disaster that has been the year that has been 2021.

Theres something so good about finding the perfect gift for someone, wrapping it up with a bow, and gifting it. 

I usually do bits of my Christmas shopping at the markets I participate in, and it's been so disappointing to have them cancelled this year. It's always so good meeting and chatting about art with like-minded people, meeting other creatives and talking shop with customers. It's such a huge part of small businesses income over the holiday period so my fingers and toes are crossed they're back up and running soon!

This year I've approached the season slightly more intentionally. I'm much more aware of supporting other small business and buying handmade. With that in mind, I've curated a range of holiday gifts you could buy for a loved one, or add to the top of your own list:

Original Artwork

If you or someone you know has had their eye on an original piece of artwork, nows the time to make their (or your!) day.  

Originals are unique from prints in that they're unedited. You can see the process of the painting, from pencil lines under watercolour, to splashes of water on paper. They're imperfectly perfect and truely beautiful. You really get to experience the piece as the artist intended

I currently have 20 pieces of framed and unframed original artworks available, ranging from animals to landscapes, to bugs, in a variety of mediums. 

The Lakes Bundle

One of my holiday gift bundles. The Lakes feature three of my Elsewhere prints bundled into one pack. The lakes in the south island are so pretty and inspiring and these three paintings look gorgeous together!

1 x Grandeur print
1 x Morning Stillness print
1 x The Lake print

The Mountains Bundle

The Mountains Bundle is a collection of four prints from Elsewhere, each featuring the giant mountain landscapes of NZ's south island. 

1 x The Peaks print
1 x Vibrant Valley print
1 x The Pass print
1 x After the Rain print

The Coast Bundle

New Zealand has some truely beautiful beaches and there's nothing like a summers day on their shores. While painting Elsewhere, I was drawn to three beaches in particular; Langs Beach, Hahei Beach, and Oreti Beach. 

All are beaches I've spent time at in the past and all are favourite spots of mine. They look beautiful grouped together, or on their own. 

1 x Oreti print
1 x Cove print
1 x Langs print

Milestones & ABC Cards Bundle

One of my most gifted products for new parents.

My Milestone cards are designed to capture your little one's growth over their first year—from birth announcement, to first steps, to sleeping through the night.

The ABC Animal Cards are the perfect addition to any nursery or child's room. The soft watercolours beautifully compliment all decor, designs & themes. Made with high quality 300gsm card they are great to hang on walls, and their rounded corners make them safe for use as flash cards. 

1 x Milestone Cards pack
1 x ABC Cards pack

NZ Birds print

A collection of some favorite native New Zealand birds in one print! This duo of prints was designed to sit together and compliment one another. 

A perfect gift for those who love and admire New Zealand's birdlife. 

NZ Birds - the elusive birds

I've always thought these three chums sat beautifully together and bundling them together for you just makes sense! The colours are so complimentary, it'd really be a shame to split them.

1 x Kea print
1 x Kākāpō print
1 x Ruru print

NZ Birds - Garden Friends

A set of three prints featuring some of my favourite garden visitors! 

This bundle is a charming gift for bird lovers and spotters. Pīwakawaka, tūī and kererū may be more common to spot that the kea, but they're always a welcome sight in the garden!

1 x Kererū print
1 x Pīwakawaka print
1 x Tūī print

Something for the dinosaur fans

I've sold these three prints together countless times; it's time they were bundled into a gift pack. They're a great group and bring such a whimsical feeling to your walls. 

1 x T-Rex print
1 x Henry the Dinosaur print
1 x Stegosaurus  print

Warm Weather Florals

And finally some florals... Flowers are always a good idea!

These three have such a summer vibe and bring to mind warm, happy days spent outside. I've selected these three to be bundled together as the colours work beautifully together and they have a lovely balance when grouped. 

In saying that, feel free to keep some for yourself and give some as gifts!  

1 x Summer Wilflower print
1 x Rainbow Fields print
1 x Flower & Bee print

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