Creating a Painting

The journey of creating a painting can sometimes take awhile for me. It always starts with inspiration, be that a feeling, a mood, a view or a location that has resonated with me. 

Generally, when I work on a paining, taking photos isn't at the forefront of my mind; I get lost in the flow and process. With this piece, I made an effort to remember to take progress images to capture the paintings development and growth. Looking back through the images, it really surprised me to see how many stages the work went through to reach the final piece - it was a good reminder of the process and I'm so glad I documented it.

This painting was inspired by a visit to Cosy Nook back in late December. A sleepy little cove in Southland, along the coast from Invercargill. 

I loved the little houses and the rocky shore. It felt so peaceful and serene, with a touch wildness from the southerly wind.

Not pictured: sketches. Like a fool I didn't use my sketchbook and now I have no idea where those loose leaves of paper are....

So let's jump straight to sketching it up on my board. This board was leftover from my Elsewhere collection last year and was already framed. So I masked the frame with blue tape to keep it clean during painting.

I use basic shapes here to guide me where main elements will sit.

Then I started blocking shapes and painting....

Ending with the final piece...

This little corner here is my favourite!


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