June Studio Happenings

What was happening in the studio in June? A few things! 


I finished up a recent commission of Te Mata Peak which I loved painting. This was a biggie too - A1 size!

Between my day job and other life happenings, I've also been working on a new collection. You can read a little more about it here. Sign up to the mailing list or keep an eye on my socials for further updates. 

Speaking of my day job, I worked on the design for the new green line walkway between the terminals at Auckland Airport. This work was all about celebrating the beautiful walks of Aotearoa - so right up my alley. 
You can read more on the project here
June provided me with a lot of inspiration and creative sparks to follow. With it being winter here, I've found the short days and the sunlight to be really interesting and have found it playing into my work more and more. I'm really enjoying playing with long shadows. These are just two photos of many that are fulling my inspiration right now. 

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