May Studio Happenings

It’s officially winter here, and I've enjoyed watching the colour change around here as the cooler weather has settled in. When I looked back at my photos from the last month, I realised just how busy May ended up being. 
It started with a trip to Tairua for my dad's birthday. An early morning walk around the town was both pretty (great scenery) and challenging, as the most direct way back to our accomodation was over a giant hill. Hill isnt pictured. I was too focused on breathing.
I've spent a fair bit of time working on some commissions. I've really enjoyed painting a mix of things for myself, and working on other peoples visions. I'll be opening up the books for June/July again soon.
Pip & I even took the time to pose.
I had a visit from two little artists who we eager to do some painting in the studio. I loved having them visit - their enthusiasm was contagious - and watching them create their masterpieces was so much fun!
I spent a lot of time one weekend swatching different colour mixes to try and find the right colour mix I was looking for. It was not only useful, but actually quite meditative. This was but one of MANY pages:
I went for sunrise walks with pretty views:
And sunset walks
And saw the southern lights
And of course, saw Pip take some pretty epic naps that made me very jealous of the work-life balance she always seems to achieve. 
And lastly, I really enjoyed working on some new paintings that I have been dreaming up for awhile...

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