My travel sketch book

I really enjoy taking the time to paint while I'm on holiday because it forces me to slow down from the constant go-go-go! mentality that I have been known to fall prey to when traveling. Taking the time to stop and really enjoy a moment or a place and try to capture that with paint is something that I'm trying to do more.
When I look back through my travel sketches, I'm instantly taken back to the experience I had while painting it; the warmth of the sun, or chill of the rain; the time leading up to it; the buzz of the people around me; the friends I was with. Because of the time involved in the process, it holds volumes more meaning to me than multiples photographs can.  
Sketching at Kai Iwi Lakes, Jan 2018

Quick stop on a bike ride around Whistler, June 2018

After visiting Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre, June 2018  /  Harrods, London, December 2016

Croatian sunsets, May 2019

Holmen Husky Lodge, Norway, December 2016 . / . The Icefields Parkway, Canada, June 2018


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