November round up

In a normal November, I'm usually flat out with Christmas markets most weekends, and prepping for them during the week. November 2021 however, has been a massive change of pace. Instead of weekends spent at busy and frantic with markets, its been weekend spent wandering around Auckland's pretty bush walks and beaches instead.

I've loved this more relaxed month, but I have missed the markets. They're always so festive and cheerful at this time of year.  Hopefully 2023 is kinder to us all. 

Two big things did happen this November... 

Firstly, I launched the Elsewhere canvas art prints AND the Holiday Gift Bundles! I'm SO so proud of these prints; they're gorgeous to see and hold and look at. I wish the markets were on this year, just to have been able to show you these in real life.... next time!

Secondly, I celebrated my birthday! It was strange having a lockdown birthday but I was so happy that we were allowed to come together to celebrate outdoors. You wouldn't think it from the photo, but I did have people to celebrate with... 

I've been drawing lots of kākāpō recently for a project I'm collaborating on. I LOVE painting kākāpō so this is right up my alley. It's still in the works, but heres a couple of in progress pics...

From acrylics to watercolours, then back to acrylics, I've also been working in a few new acrylic pieces lately. I'm hoping to have these live in the next few weeks but given the time of year it miiiiiight be more like January. Maybe even February. Let's see where this ends up!

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