Pair-fectly Cute Pairs

I'm often asked by shoppers what prints work well together.

Certain prints come up in orders and sales together again and again. Sometimes it's because they create a theme and tell a story, and other times it's because they use complimentary colours and the print's connect with each other that way.

Some favourite pairs are... 

Fun & Floral

One of my favorite pairs; the warm tones and lines compliment each other so nicely.  

Orangutans + Spring Wildflowers


Calm Comrades

A truely peaceful pair. The warm yellows and oranges in the turtles shell compliment the tiger, while the dragonfly and greenery in the tiger print compliment the turtle. 

Turtle + Tiger


Magical Mates

These two pair beautifully and have a lovely whimsical feel. 

Unicorn + Mermaid


Birds of a Feather

I painted these two at the same time so used the same earthy colour palette with pops of bright colour and as a result, they sit really well together.

Kea + Kākāpō


Dino Duo 

No explanation needed... these two are one of the pairs that constantly appear together in orders. The stegosaurus sits low on the page, while the t-rex is high which creates an interesting dynamic as when placed side by side. 

Stegosaurs + T-rex


Into the Jungle 

Perfect for creating a jungle themed wall!  Both prints also have a parenting theme making them popular choices for kids rooms and nurseries. The busy background of the gorilla print makes a nice contrast with the white space used in the lion print.

Gorillas + Lion & Cub


Tonal Two

Along with the T-rex and Stegosaurs, these two critters have been purchased together the most often. The pink tones used in the paintings tie in beautifully together and create a very sweet display. 

Rhinos + Bunny

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