A restful start to 2024

Things have been very quiet in my studio so far this year. It's been a much needed restful period as I try to make the most of the summer sun and get outside. 
I'm getting back into the swing of things now, but over the break my days usually include a morning walk with Pip, reading books I've been meaning to read for yonks, some swimming, some hiking, and of course: snacking. It was such a good summer break - I haven't felt quite this peaceful in a long time. I'm hoping to take some of that zen feeling and bring it into my work this year. 
It's currently far too hot in my studio to want to be anywhere near it. I've brought what I've needed into the house and taken over my coffee and dining tables with art supplies. So far, I'm just working in my sketchbook exploring some new materials and seeing where it all takes me. I have a few loose ideas of what I'd like to create this year but I'm taking time to see what develops, without putting a ton of pressure on myself to create something great.
I think one of the hardest parts of pursuing a creative career is that there's no 'one-size-fits-all' way of doing things. Some days I really, really wish there was an easy step-by-step guidebook to follow. Each artist's practice and journey is so unique and different, that you really just have to trust that you're on the right path and follow where your creativity guides you.
At the end of the day, there's nothing I'd rather be doing with my time - I literally can't imagine stopping. I'm looking forward to seeing with 2024 brings and where I end up on this creative journey. Thanks so much as always for joining me for it.

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Really enjoyed this post. Yes to the guide book! When you find one let me know! Haha. Anyway, I think you’re doing great.

Mo April 29, 2024

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