A look back at 2023

I feel so grateful to have spent another year sharing my art and practice with you all. I always love seeing what you guys pick and buy, so here's a wrap up of the year that was... 

Your favourite print was:
The Pass

But you also really loved Little Blue Penguin (Kororā), Lake Mackenzie, and Alfred & Barry the Bears.
Little Blue Penguin, Lake Mackenzie, and Alfred & Barry the Bears, were also popular picks!

My Favourite painting was:
Under the Falls.

This one challenged me the most of the work I produced last year. I'm really, really happy that I didnt give up on it, and was able to see my vision come to life. I learned so much in the process about layering my paint, and letting bold brushstrokes hold their own. 
But I also really loved On the Water no.2 and On the Water no.3.


My favourite sketchbook pages were

My favourite commission

I loved painting everyones furry friends on Christmas decorations, but I think my favourite piece this year was a painting of Karioitahi beach for my new nephew. 


Something I was proud of

It may seem small, and technically it is, but I was really, really happy with how the Milford Collection turned out, mostly due to the inclusion of my tiny boats. 

They're tiny, and they were added last, but they bring so much to the work in terms of scale, and telling the story of just how massive these mountains are. 


Thank you so much for all your support last year! You have no idea how much I appreciate it xxx

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