April Round Up

April was a big month for me with the release of the new original landscapes on the 13th and my first multi day hike on the Routeburn Track. I've already raved about my hike here and shared a handful my favourite photos (whittled down from the hundreds of images...).

I've also dug into my new paintings here, but can I just say how great it was to finally share these painting with the world. Your support and kind messages have meant the world - thank you! 

You can view the entire collection here!

I spent an evening sketching poppies to celebrate ANZAC day. I've been delving back into using my sketchbook lately which has been such a good refresh for my creative practice. In this instance, I used pastels. I love the texture that is created with the pastel dust.

I've been working on a commission this last week for a pet portrait.

I've been getting ready for the General Collective Market that's on this Sunday. It's meant pulling apart my garage to get everything out as I haven't done a market since August last year(or there abouts...) and I had packed everything away for our open homes. 

I'll be taking some of my original landscapes with me for the first time, which means an adjustment to my usual display. 

Lastly, we had a hedgehog situation in the garden - Pippin couldn't have been more jazzed with herself for finding it.

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