Behind the work: Under the Falls

I don't know if it was communicated clearly enough in my last post, but I just love Milford Sound. While I did the hike in early November, back in late 2020 I also visited and did the scenic cruise. 

Can confirm; very pretty.

This place has stuck with me the last few years and I've drawn it several times in my sketchbook. After popping by there after the Milford Track, I knew I had to capture it in paint. 

I ended up doing quite a few layers as I played with colours. I wanted the vibrancy of my visit to the sounds to shine through.

The final piece!

The original has since sold, but I really love how this one turned out. To me, under the Falls captures the deep blue tones of the place and the magic. 

I definitely want to paint this corner of NZ again. It's too beautiful not too!

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