Work in progress

I'm still captivated by the dynamic landscapes Fiordland has to offer. Completing Under the Falls in Feb has only tempted me to keep delving into landscapes inspired by this magical place.  I've spent a lot of time in my sketchbook working out ideas and have finally started to bring these out of my sketchbooks and onto paper. 

I'm really enjoying the looseness of these sketches, and its something I want to carry over into my paintings. I'd also like to keep exploring a more subdued colour palette as its more reflective of my experience in these vast landscapes. 

I'm mesmerised by the lines the mountains create, and how they flow, swoop and peak. 
I love how the mountains dominate the landscape and dwarf the people in them. The sense of scale is something really compelling to me and something I really want to explore further. The tiny boats, huts and people help convey just how vast this place is. 
I'm curious to see where these pieces take me next.

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