Framing tips for your art & prints

Choosing a new piece of artwork is the fun part, but framing can be a little daunting. I'm often asked about framing so consider this your helpful cheat-sheet to framing!

When it comes to framing, try to use archival, acid free materials to protect your artwork. If it's going to be hung in a sunny spot, its a great idea to invest in a frame with UV protection as the sun can really do some damage.  Both Framefox and Factory Frames have great framing options that will protect your artwork. 

framing tips

artwork framed with a Mat

I love to use a mat when framing art and prints. It really elevates the artwork, lets it shine, and creates a more considered look. This is especially true for smaller pieces. By adding a mat, you're giving the piece more prominence and creating some breathing room between it and the frame - ideal for smaller artwork!

Frames with mats

artwork framed without a mat

Larger prints can hold their own without needing a mat. I like to keep the frame very simple when doing this, to ensure they don't look crowded and squished. 

Frames without mats

Ready Made Frames

The easiest way to frame your art is to buy a ready-made frame with or without a pre-cut mat that’s already sized to fit. The prints I offer are all standard sizes, so there are plenty of ready-made frames on the market that will do the trick! 

I've detailed some of my favourites places to get ready-made prints in a blog post here.

Framing Small artworks

I love smaller artworks but when it comes to framing them, they can sometimes get lost and feel swallowed by the wall. There is an easy solution - mats! Buy a frame that is bigger than your artwork, then have a mat cut to fit in the frame. You can really showcase the artwork by using an oversized mat; this will really make a statement

I really love mounting smaller original pieces on top of the mat when framing. Its a really beautiful way to showcase the artwork and show the paper details. 

Framed bee painting


Hopefully this guide has given you some ideas on how to style your artwork. Framing adds so much to the look and feel and there are so many options fun to pick from. I'd love to see what you choose so be sure to tag me on Instagram or send me a photo of your framed art!


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