Introducing the Elsewhere collection

I’ve been so excited to share this new body of work with you! Lockdown caused me to delay the launch of these pieces, but now I'm so happy they're now out in the world!

After spending chunks of the last eighteen months in lockdown, it's been a joy to paint some of my favourite New Zealand locations and reminisce on days spent in places that aren't my house. Elsewhere explores our beautiful mountains, lakes, beaches and the peace that comes with being in the outdoors. 

I've painted mostly from photos I've taken on my travels around NZ and thought it would be fun to share some of the inspiration behind the paintings. 

Elsewhere is a very different body of work than what I usually offer. 2021 has had me branching out into the world of acrylic painting; something I haven't done since high school, but something I've really loved reconnecting with. I hope these pieces resonate with you as well. 

Hooker Valley Trail

I walked the Hooker Valley Trail in August 2020 and absolutely fell in love with the landscape. It was so colourful and varied. It was such a beautiful walk that I would love to do again.

Peaks, Trails, Vibrant Valley, and After the Rain were all inspired by this incredible place. 

"After the Rain" - Raewyn Pope

"Vibrant Valley"  - Raewyn Pope

"Peaks"  - Raewyn Pope

Lake Hawea

I spent a peaceful week at Lake Hāwea in June, housesitting and dog sitting for a friend. It was a solo trip and I had the best week pottering around and exploring the area. I took morning walks along the lake front and loved being surrounded my the mountains, mist and lake  

The Lake, Golden Fields, and Morning Stillness were all inspired by my time in the tranquil Lake Hāwea, while Gradeur took inspiration from the nearby Wanaka. 

"The Lake" - Raewyn Pope

"Golden Fields" - Raewyn Pope

"Morning Stillness"  - Raewyn Pope

Other spots that inspired Elsewhere, were Lindis Pass, Hahei Beach, Mangawhai and Oreti Beach.

We drove through Lindis Pass on our way up to Mt. Aoraki and the Hooker Valley Trail. I loved the rolling hills and jagged landscape. The earthy colours were beautiful; its one place I really wanted to capture in paint. The Pass is based on my experience here. 

"The Pass" - Raewyn Pope

I've visited Hahei and camped there many times; it's a truely beautiful beach. Most recently, I camped there in 2019 with my family and went exploring under and along the cliff one morning with the other early risers - my niece, nephew and dad. Cove is inspired by this morning exploration. 

"Cove" - Raewyn Pope

 I love visiting Mangawhai Heads and bringing my dog, Pippin, with me. The Heads takes inspiration from this pretty spot in the world. 

"The Heads" - Raewyn Pope

My grandparents have always lived in Invercargill, and no trip to see them is complete without a drive to Oreti Beach. It's such a vast beach, backed with sand dunes. It appears to go on and on, and when it's clear, you can spot Stewart Island in the distance.

Oreti is based on this vast beach.

"Oreti" - Raewyn Pope

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