Some beautiful things I've seen lately

In the midst of lockdown-life, its nice to find the good still in the world. Here's a collection of things that have made me happy lately.
van gogh
van gogh
I love these beautiful imaginings of Van Gogh's life, by Alireza Karimi Moghadam.
Studio space inspiration
@eightyfive.sqm has such a gorgeous studio space. 


jenny bloomfield
This beautiful combination of paint and embroidery by artist Jenny Bloomfield. I love this piece and just wish I could have been quick enough to buy it before it sold to someone else. 
This stunning capture of a tui by photographer Holly Neill
A pretty thought from Rupi Kaur's book The Sun and Her Flowers
Grant Birley
I've always loved the night sky and just love this photo of the night at The Hooker Valley Track by Grant Birley.
Morning walks with this critter has been everything this lockdown. I'm glad to have her dragging me out of bed each morning. This dog absolutely thrives in lockdown. 

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