Tips For Displaying Art In Your Home

The right piece of art can bring to a space to life! Adding artwork to your home is a beautiful way to create interest, and can transform the look and feel of a room. It adds colour, character, and warmth, and the way you display your art is just as important.

I've pulled together six ideas and tips to display your art so it will be looking fab in no time!

Place complementary artworks side by side

A great way to display art in the home is to find pieces with complementing colour palettes and display them together. Perfect when you find two pieces you love but can't pick between them! Hanging two pieces side by side is also a great solution in spaces where you need a larger artwork, but can’t find a a piece that’s the right size.

Go big or go home

Create an impact and fill an empty space with a large statement piece. It's an easy way to fill space and add interest. A piece that's slightly too big will look much better than a piece that's slightly too small - it will drown in too much wall space and look lost.

If you've found an artwork you love that is slightly too small, get it framed in a larger frame with a wide mat! I personally love this look as it really emphasises the artwork and makes it shine.

Small art? Small space!

If using a large frame on a small piece isn't for you, celebrate its size and hang it in a smaller spot. A small piece of art in a large space can look very awkward and uncomfortable but by placing it in a smaller space, it will look great. Integrate your mini-art onto a shelf, mantle, nightstand, or that weird thin wall you don't know what to do with... Hang art that is the correct size and scale for the wall area and you'll be golden. 

Try a mix of frames

A great way to create interest is using a mix of vintage and found frames. Check out your local Op shop or scour the web to hunt out some beauties.

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Prop artwork against a wall

Artwork doesn’t always have to be hung on your walls. In fact, it can often look best leaning against a wall. If you’re renting, there's no need to put holes in your wall!

this can be one an easy way to display art.

No need to put holes in your wall if that’s not your thing. A great way to display your art is by leaning it on your mantle, or consider a floating picture shelf - you can even swap your artwork out!

Create a gallery wall.

If your piece of art is too small for a larger space, try gathering some small to medium sized pieces to display together. Have fun and mix and match - there are no rules here! (Although an odd number of pieces does look best).

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I recently started taking painting classes every weekend, so I wanted to display at home some of the works I’m proud of once I have them framed. I found your idea interesting when you suggested I create a gallery wall by displaying small to medium-sized pieces together to fill up a large space. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for custom framing services in Georgetown to help me with the art installation I need in my apartment soon.

Clare Martin April 15, 2024

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